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Janiel Pierre - Helping Others Find Financial Freedom

April 21, 2020 Abby Bolt
Her Brotherhood
Janiel Pierre - Helping Others Find Financial Freedom
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I'm your host, Abby Bolt. Today we're talking with Janiel Pierre, who has a beautiful story about how she came to be in the military. She was living in New York, and she found herself at 27 just not where she had planned to be. She always dreamed of the military, begging her mother from the time she was 17. But her mom kept saying NO!

 She finally was able to push past that and get her mother's blessing to move forward into the military. Her big passion has always been financial freedom and sharing those tips and all her knowledge with anyone she can.

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Abby:   0:13
Welcome back to another edition of her brotherhood. I'm your host, Abby Bolt. Today we're talking with General Pierre, who has a beautiful story about how she came to be in the military. She was living in New York, and she found herself a 27 just not where she had planned to be. She wasn't successful she planned to be. She wasn't able to achieve the goals that she wanted to. And she always dreamed of the military begging her mother from the time she was 17. But Mom kept saying no. But she finally was able to push past that and get her mother's blessing to move forward into the military. And her big passion has always been financial freedom and sharing those tips and just all of her knowledge with anyone she can. And she shares that with us today. So with no further ado, please meet General Pierre. So we're just gonna We're gonna jump right into this and see where in the world it goes. So right off the bat, just tell me who you mar what you're doing right now. And then we'll talk about where you came from.

Janiel:   1:28
Okay? So, me right now My name is Janiel Pierre, and I am a personal finance coach. slash counselors. I kindly refer to myself as a financial success coach, because to me, financial success depends on the person. And what I would like to do with my program is to allow you to hit your version of financials, accept whatever that means to you. I said, That's what I love about your plays myself as And, um, where I am right now is that I'm finishing up my MBA. So I'm on a little tiny break until I give them this last Mr about five million left, and then I'll jump right back into my full time. Um, go thing and look at the clients and all of the active stuff. So I am working, but I'm working. Find the shorter

Abby:   2:18
They're kind of double working. Yeah. Is he?

Janiel:   2:23
Yeah, it becomes so overwhelming. Jungle, everything all at once. You know, we women, we think we're strong and we can do everything without I'm taking a break

Abby:   2:32
right up until breaking has absolutely have to

Janiel:   2:35
take a little break from the working and just kind of finish up this last graduate and then jump right back in

Abby:   2:41
Okay, now the reason though they So you're a financial person. You're a student. You're doing all this stuff. But now let's back up and talk about why we have you on her brotherhood Because you have a military background. Now tell me how on how you got involved in the military. Take me back, Thio. Take me back all the way back to those days where you went and started talking to a recruiter.

Janiel:   3:06
Okay, So back in the 2010 I was in a place where I like to call my struggle and I was living and working in our Queens, New York. Well, well, let's learn from Originally was born and raised in the Kurban, but I migrated to New York as a teenager is a very young teenager, and I was living and working in Queens and I was really making it like I was seriously in that place in my life where it was just hard after I paid rent everything. As for me, my rent was most important. If you don't want to be outside in the cold in New York ever, you know? So Brian came first, and once that was done, I feel we had anything left. So I was rushing and food Russian and closed. And I was just at that place where Oh, my gosh. I wondered what was the purpose of my life. Why am I living if I have to lose, you know, like this And this and the type of you know just broke away And I was 27 at that time. 26. 27 from Alam Cushion 30. And I'm like, Oh, my gosh. Now my dream ever gonna come to pass Like what I ever on a home? What? I ever be able to have Children, but I ever be able to take care of my Children. What am I doing with my life? I'm almost 30 and I started to, like, really thinking hard about what? My next chapter, where I had nothing. At that time I had nothing but five high school education. So and I always wanted to have a master's degree. I always wanted to have a house. I want to buy my mom a health, and I just had all these big, huge dreams and none of them will come into pass. At that time, I didn't have a car. I didn't have anything. I flipped in him and mastery month almost on Jerry slept on an air mattress in this little room that I rented from another family. So I would like, you know, the guest in the other room that, you know, this paying rent on It was just like, Oh, baby, little point. And I just got tired and I'm like, Okay, I need to do something. And the thing about the military was that it was to hold one. I need a job stability and awaken the education. And true, I needed to be more disciplined and take care of myself. And I knew that if I joined the motion, I would have that discipline. I would have to exercise. I would have to, you know, just because I understood that success came from strong habits and to me, the military would give me that discipline to create those had it. So it looks too old. I will

Abby:   5:29
be like talking about yourself in a situation where you didn't have a decision every day. You were going to have to make those choices, do those moves that we're going to project you into success. Yeah. Now. Well, now, doing and being who you were. What? What did you see or what gave you that idea that Hey, that's what the military is about. Or that's like, Where did you get that from? Where'd you see it?

Janiel:   5:50
The idea of the discipline part. Well, that's a lot of us. When we think of the military, that's the first thing that comes to mind that discipline. And back then, the first thing that came to mind was, Oh, my gosh, I'm gonna deploy. And I which

Abby:   6:02
I was totally fine with God's. Yeah, you know, I had a point and that you were literally ready to just throw yourself in the war and its okay.

Janiel:   6:12
Yeah, absolutely. And that was better than where I was with me. That was better if I deployed. And if I died, that was better than being here, just struggling the way that I was struggling and just being so incredibly at a little point, you know? And I always wanted to do the motor shows. Much of it just wasn't the struggle unfortunate. I always wanted to do the Air Force. And when I first I actually when I moved here a nutrient in 2001 July of 2001. And then September 11th happened. A couple of

Abby:   6:45
you right there. Oh, where were you? Yeah. Oh, you were there. I

Janiel:   6:48
was actually in my glam of the living room that morning, and we lived in Maryland. At that time, we hadn't moved to New York. It I was in Marilyn in Eastern Shore of Maryland, and I woke up and I'm looking at the people I'm like, What type of movie? You know, I was confused. I couldn't understand. Why would they show something like that? So early in the morning? And then I realized, Oh, my gosh, this is real. And, you know, after that all the commercials thought it, you know, really amping up people. We're joined the service. And I was 17 at the time and I said, My mom I said, Mom, I really wanted to win the airport. I wanted by plane. I want to do

Abby:   7:22
it. Is this

Janiel:   7:22
what I want to do a little bit? No, no, no, no, no, no. You're not doing it. Point blank? No. And so that's where it started. Way back in 2001. to get

Abby:   7:32
away. That

Janiel:   7:33
was a lie that I'm a given.

Abby:   7:34
What was your mom? What was your mom saying? No, for was that she didn't want her little girl going and playing with guns. She didn't want her little girl going to get in. Vida happened. You know, it was just the protective.

Janiel:   7:43
He didn't want me to go to war. And that

Abby:   7:46
they do you think One. Do you think if it you were her son, do you think she would have felt differently? Or she was the kind of mama where she's, like, I want to keep my baby safe?

Janiel:   7:53
It wouldn't matter if one of us she didn't have a younger bubbles. She wouldn't have wanted either

Abby:   7:58
a boy or a girl. And I

Janiel:   8:00
only I'm the first child. So it was a bigger no.

Abby:   8:03
Then, huh?

Janiel:   8:05
It's a, you know, for the boys, Right? But, um, definitely. She said no. And, you know, I respect my mom a lot and she says, no, she doesn't think that about something. I'm gonna go with that. And so I didn't do it. And years I still wanted to do it. It was something. And at the back of my head. I just wanted to do it. And I think that they over the years and then coming down to the last things I was like, Please, just say yes. I'm really, like,

Abby:   8:33
really? Like I don't

Janiel:   8:34
want to Yeah, just give me a blessing to do this because I really, really, really want to do it. Now I feel like I'm ready. I feel like I need to do this right now. And then she finally was able to You're not gonna shut up about it.

Abby:   8:45
Okay. Okay, fine. I'll protect our country on.

Janiel:   8:50
That's when I was like, Okay. And my best friend at the time had also, um, went ahead and signed up for the army. And so that was like, my extra much. Because now that I got the blessing from my mom, I needed that. Okay. Now, which really make it even more. You're on my best friend. She had signed up with the army. Like I said, I want to do the airport. But she had signed up with the army. So, being like this when I had to me I have to be there with you. I have to protect you I have to go through torture

Abby:   9:17
with. Okay, Mama,

Janiel:   9:21
I needed the whole Air Force thing and I just went straight up. Give me a recruiting number. I'm going to be quicker than that when you do pickle. And so I went to her ricotta and I find up on I find up in March. I signed my contract in March of 2011 and when I find that contract, they said You're not leaving. You can't leave until September of 2011 And I'm like, Are you sure there's nothing? And then nothing For two weeks I'm ready. Fickle, like right

Abby:   9:50
now. E sign me up. I brought my bags. Let's go

Janiel:   9:54
right. I'm like I have like No, I have a duffel bag sold on an air mattress. I could throw it, matches in the trash, and I we could be on always like, No, you have to wait six months because all of you know the trainings are booked up. The only opening We have it in September. So I waited six months and then I left September 11 little bit, and I left.

Abby:   10:13
The number 11 2

Janiel:   10:14
1011 was the day that I left for basic training.

Abby:   10:16
Wow, that's wow. That's crazy. That's absolutely crazy. That's cool.

Janiel:   10:23
Yeah, that was That was actually three days after my 27 foot.

Abby:   10:27
Wow, that's neat. So were you thinking when you are signing up for you, like, were you a little bit nervous? Because when you're 8 to 27 seems like really old, right? Because it was, like, way down there. So then were you when you were 27 or you like, Oh, my gosh, I'm gonna go to boot camp with a bunch of 18 year olds, and then I'm worried about that gap. Or how are you feeling about that?

Janiel:   10:51
Um, my age at that point was more focused on. Okay, I I'm this old and I had nothing. That's where it was. You know, I'm I'm super late and study, you know, that's where my thought process was my age.

Abby:   11:05
You were probably more literally committed than a lot of 18 19 year olds that come rolling out because they haven't tasted that piece of life yet where they tried to make it on their own. And things weren't quite what they expected.

Janiel:   11:18
Yes, I met very much in front of my computer on Do not disturb on

Abby:   11:21
sometimes worries.

Janiel:   11:23
But yeah, mentally, I was a little bit a lot more mature and also that coming into my financial part of it was I would be able to find my passion of personal finance because I've already been through all this trouble. And with me one in the house I know I needed to have my finances in order, you know that. Get a house that's already working on credit already. You know, just a leading. I didn't have the money, but I was working on the knowledge.

Abby:   11:52

Janiel:   11:52
so that worked to my advantage once I got in because now you know, with the mulch, or you have to stay within your rank structure. For even though I was up there in age, my rank structure, I was down there. And so my friends were 17 18 1920 year old. Wow. So that works to my advantage. Because he had come to mama, you know, making that friends were on the same level with her knowledge wise and helping them

Abby:   12:18
in their eyes. A

Janiel:   12:19
man. Yeah. And that is where that passion group from me just helping them make wife financial decisions come and learn how to budget learned howto

Abby:   12:29
blew. It is not that you have gone into the military and become such a leader in that kind of weight. Like to go in there and and you're leading these people through financial thought processes and mindsets. And you know, who would have ever thought that That's really great.

Janiel:   12:45
I know. And I know now that I'm so much older I underst spending now how everything works together. Everything will together, what during that time that I was struggling at a miracle of my dreams? I never let go of me. Yes, I was worried and scared and you know all those emotions. But the way that my brain works is that feeds me. I'm now I have to defeat whatever that thing is that people back and so me not given up mentally, even the life physical surrounded my physical environment was showing me one thing in my mind. I was seeing something else. So that kind of fed into mutual learning, learning. And I was being I would read and read and how to

Abby:   13:26
build credit

Janiel:   13:27
and how yeah, that hunger stayed.

Abby:   13:30
It wasn't

Janiel:   13:30
just an emotion. It wasn't just a physical thing. It was an actual real thing. Yeah, so that was a culture. Now. I was doing it for myself in the beginning, but then when I started teaching other people What I mean,

Abby:   13:43
seeing those white people light up, Yeah. Now, what did you do in the military? What did you do in there

Janiel:   13:50
in the military? I was a cook.

Abby:   13:52

Janiel:   13:53
I work here. I was in the kitchen. I would work in, uh, whether change our name from food service lot eliciting from foods for the specialist to culinary, such

Abby:   14:01
psychological has way cooler. That's what I'm just gonna say that you were culinary. Yeah, because that is a cool. That's great. Do you feeling the skills that you learned in the military? Besides all the structure in the discipline and all that that came with it? Do you feel like your culinary skills that you carry those forward?

Janiel:   14:19
Yes, yes and no. Because I learned so much about the kitchen. I already came and no one had a cook. But I learned while in the military a large 40 suspension. I little beetle back the little the higher Very little bit higher. The all the little nice little place in a decorated I did a little bit of all of those, but on a day to day basis, sleep did the safe. Ellen. What? That taught me how to cook a big batches of my family's small. My mom has three kids, so when we cook, just

Abby:   14:50
so when they say like it's enough to feed an army, that's what. Oh, yeah, I know the feeling Army now believe. Where were you stationed?

Janiel:   14:59
I have a patient. My first of that operation was forced a little joy. My second was back from Hawaii and my 3rd 4th division and I retired out of Fort

Abby:   15:09
Wow, Cool. That's great. You got to take a little dance down in Hawaii, too. That's awesome.

Janiel:   15:14
Yeah, why was often But oh my gosh, I was So what?

Abby:   15:18
It's enjoy it as much as you gotta have to work

Janiel:   15:21
another much, much. I worked around the clock. It was always the up temple. There was super high, so it was always go, go, go, go! Which was fun because I learned how to manage myself, my emotions and just kind of like just really grab on to the other skills that at that time, like I said at that time, you're not thinking of the things. You know, Hindsight is 2020 from looking back now I see how I was able to really hold on and on my leadership skills and learn and grow and still do all the things that I wanted to do with Alex with elope, fun part.

Abby:   15:55
Yeah, well, that's so That's really great. It's interest. It's always interesting to hear what someone's story is and where they came up through. And and I love I love your back story of why you joined the military. That's that's great. And I love that you're sharing that story. Now let's get back to what lights you out because every time you start talking about your eyes like go on fire. So let's bounce back to that. And I probably need to talk to you a lot more on this side because, let's, let's face it, Abby could use somebody no financial structure in her life. Um oh, so that's what let you up. That's what you were driven by. And you realize that you could help other people. So you have now made a career out of this. So you come out of the military and tell me how you how you grabbed ahold of this career and what it is that you're doing with other folks and how they could work with you.

Janiel:   16:41
Okay, So, like I said, working with my peers and sometimes older people And then, you know, I started making connections everywhere, and I thought I was just working with a couple of people. And so when they came back to me, they're like, Oh, my gosh, You know, my credit scores 750.

Abby:   16:56
This is the

Janiel:   16:57
first time ever, you know, it's just all these little things, but I would just light up inside because I'm like, Oh, my God, business like this It to me When it happens to me, it's no big deal.

Abby:   17:06
You know,

Janiel:   17:06
the one I was able to help. People say that I had one of my most memorable clients was a young lady. I met her online and that she didn't know anything about budgeting anything about Claudia cheese. Pretty in a pretty rough space. But she knew she wanted to do better. He should reach alchemy and, you know, special smoke like syndrome. I'm the only one that doesn't know this. And

Abby:   17:27
I feel bad

Janiel:   17:28
like, No, we were all there one point in time on buddy or the other on. I said every week with her and I, you know, I have terrorists off the debt, help her get caught up on her background that she was going to my altar. Lisa credits for help the truth. Proper credit card. Teach her how to use a credit card. You know, all of those things And, you know, just every time she told me it progresses, but I'll just light it on. That's kind of way that that really resonated with me that OK, when I get out of nowhere for you, basically what I am going to do. And so I ended up my career ended up being cut short because I got hurt in Hawaii. I had a roof tile, blacks that I know why. And I, um, banished my fine, so that kind I pushed and I pushed, and I wanted to stay in, and I just couldn't do it anymore. The pain was so intense with, you know, trying to keep up with Children with a spinal injury. Yeah. So, um, I ended up getting now last year, last summer and after I went, But I bet that rough patch up Michael in my career is over.

Abby:   18:30
I am that shot.

Janiel:   18:31
What? Yeah, Yeah, it was really

Abby:   18:34
have anything.

Janiel:   18:34
That heart. Yeah, definitely.

Abby:   18:37
I've never heard anybody say, you know I came is when It's not what you works, but like you weren't planning it. And even people that planet, I've never heard anybody say like, Oh, I came out. I was fined him. Yeah, whatever. Like, it doesn't even matter if it's a bad reason. A good reason. A chosen reason That shock and loss of identity can really throw you for a loop even though you have big plans. Like what you had. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So you're fresh out. I mean, really here, fresh out. That was just, like, clash. A year ago, you said,

Janiel:   19:05
Yeah, I got out in July, my ass. It was July last year.

Abby:   19:08

Janiel:   19:09
so I'm still kind of fresh, but that that shock off me and I'm being a soldier anymore, right? It hit me harder than I thought it would like. I come down And I sat in the chair for, like, 60 days and did not do anything. Because who am I now? What am I gonna ge like? I know I have all of this. I'm still working on my degree. But at that point in time, I had a bleak in semester, some oblique. And I wasn't due back in school until the last day in another. So I had all this time to just sit there and folk. And I

Abby:   19:40
did that like I've fallen is soaked. All

Janiel:   19:44
my gosh, you know, the last ship. But I had in the military I was an instructor or not. I'm teaching again, my love, my passion. I'm teaching the new recruits how to do my job, how to take my place eventually, you know. And so that was a lot of fun for me because I love to teach anything that I know you know, automatically

Abby:   20:03

Janiel:   20:03
around me, give you all of my energy in that way because I want to see you be good. Not just good, but better than me, because I know you

Abby:   20:11
really. That's a much more rare trait than some people realize is a lot of people. The knowledge is power thing, and they're afraid to teach people to know what they know because they're afraid they're gonna know it and then grow beyond it. And when someone like you is proud of that, that's what real leaders all right of Yeah, that's great.

Janiel:   20:29
It makes me so people have to do better than me. I always tell my clients, my soldiers, everyone do better than Nico further than I was able to go, you know, because that is what, like me. That's what makes me

Abby:   20:41
the three pioneer pride. Yeah,

Janiel:   20:43
that's what my price comes. And I don't care what I accomplished. If I helped you to accomplish more than that, then that means the world to me way more than what I have done for myself. And so after I got over, that happened like, Okay, school's gonna rape to reopen. Now, this is my common into my third semester in my message degree program, and I'm like, Okay, you cannot go to school with dark clouds

Abby:   21:06
like Kansas.

Janiel:   21:07
With a map out of this, you have to go back to school. You have to maintain your g p h. You know we don't do failures.

Abby:   21:14

Janiel:   21:16
I kind of make myself out of it a little bit. And I, um, decided to take my business, like, really concentrate on it full time. So I hired a business coach.

Abby:   21:25

Janiel:   21:26
Help me along the way because I realized I couldn't do it on my own, And I went back to school. And now, like I said, I have five months left before I graduate. And while you know, I had to take a small break because I got my g be really important to me. But I'm, like, here and behind the scenes, you will know the things here and there. Still working with clients, but just not on a much broader attitude. All

Abby:   21:47
right? You're going to be, though, you're gonna be do. And so you were someone You were someone who coach other people you coached in advice. And then you found yourself in where you needed a coach and adviser. You know, a lot of people don't realize that. Yeah, that's really important. Tohave. So the value in that, Like you said, you were very driven. You knew what you wanted to do. But you just needed a mentor and a coach to help you get through that. Yeah, I think that's really great. And that's what you're doing for people financially. Yeah,

Janiel:   22:17
the coach jumping is twofold. One. You always have to go through the process before you can put someone else do it. If I didn't struggle, I can talk to people who were struggling If I didn't bring myself up and was able to get not only one house, the two, I can talk to someone who's trying to get a house, Really and truly I wouldn't be like like I'm authentic and I'm giving you the writer, right? I have to be able to go through what I'm trying to tell you. Go to ensure that the one thing with the coaching, and no matter how much we know there's someone that knows more. So I needed a coach who's already been where I am. Tell me, how do you get from point A to point B that so let me know that the thoughts that I have there okay, they are normal and push me past my comfort zone holding. Yes, I needed that accountability because again being wrapped in the most but almost for over eight years. I had that accountability. Always. No matter what leadership position I held, I had that accountability. Even if I was super that at my job, someone was still coming behind me to be focused on here. This is what you're here, right? This is what you need improvement on always. So I had to do that for my business as well, because there was no way that I can sit there and coach someone if I'm uncoachable,

Abby:   23:35
right? No doubt that's a breach. That sister, you can't coach the money here. Uncoachable period. That's a really great point. Yes. Yep. Yeah, like that. So I

Janiel:   23:46
made my fault coachable. I reached out for help, and I not only was I blessed with one coach, others plus with two has truth. Super awesome woman pushing me to be the best that I can be. And it has been clipped. An amazing journey wasn't with the coaches myself. And now I know howto, you know, bring my my knowledge to my clients and helping the chief of the boat.

Abby:   24:08
That's great. Tell me on your website it was checking out your web site down in the bottom. There's a 10 minute budget book, right? Yeah, about that because I think everybody needs to go check that out. Looks like a really great tool. So tell me about that and how folks can get it.

Janiel:   24:22
No. So the reason why I started with that 10 minute budget because so many people have seen no idea what a budget is when people think about presidential spending, spending plans is now where we first time spending plans because you think, Oh, my gosh, diet. You know that they think of restrictions they think of, you know, all of the things that you have to put up with

Abby:   24:44
Top ramen. They're like, That's all I get to. You know, I don't wanna talk about it.

Janiel:   24:48
I can do my nails. I can't have fun. I can't do anything with my life because I'm on a budget. But I feel wrong. That's you know it's a misconception. A budget is simply telling your money what you wanted to do. You've taken control of your money, so I need it. Super simple to follow along. It's something that you can digest in the literally 10 minutes and everything that you like. There's a column for it. There's a space for us. Would you like to hear down your nails? Them? You don't have to cut any of those things out just because you're on a budget. So it's a 10 minute budget and all you're doing the juice or you're signing every dollar, Uh, a job. What do you want the money to do? Because my thought process of money has always been I work hard for my money. Even when I was only bringing and went money, I was still working hard. And I make more friends to work hard and then have nothing to show for it have nothing to show. So I love that. That's the reason why I chose that 10 minute budget and in that have space for, you know, I mostly work with women. Some men. Yes, I do as a matter of time, But I'm emotional, both a woman, And so I have a little thing like nails and beating out and all of those things to show you that you can be on a budget and so month in your life. Sounds like you're being more responsible with that money for and pressure. We want to check it out. It's really super simple. Because, Justin, um, 10 minutes or less and you can just hell your money. What you wanted to know about your money work for you instead of you working for your money.

Abby:   26:20
Yeah, like that. Not to put your website

Janiel:   26:24
if i Hurley dot com which means financial independence Shil. Wait, Doc home.

Abby:   26:30
I like that. That's a great one. That's so good. I love the smile on your face. I love that you're let up, you know, way would have thought that Well, yeah, from where you came from, where he went, where what you're doing with it and you're going to get in your masters. And I see really, really bright things for you in your future. I really do. I just

Janiel:   26:50
want to point out that I when I joined a motor like I said earlier, it gets anyone missed it. I had nothing besides my high school diploma. I didn't associate my batches and then I wanna hear my last wild after Judy. Wow. Gilmore limits. It was not evening.

Abby:   27:04
I know you're busy. No wonder you didn't tell me why you were studying e trying

Janiel:   27:10
to kill two birds

Abby:   27:11
with one stone because, you

Janiel:   27:12
know, I didn't wanna wait until because at my age, you know how we women feel about our age and I want to start a family

Abby:   27:18
name. Is Cheung on high? Yeah. I

Janiel:   27:21
had to, like, grab two things at once. Work and school at the same time. And, you know, now I'm almost complete. And so I'm

Abby:   27:29
really, really happy.

Janiel:   27:29
And, father, I was able to do that, so it's not impossible to do two things at once.

Abby:   27:34
Now, where do you think you would be if they would? Still Vincent in New York? And you didn't go enjoying?

Janiel:   27:39
Oh, my gosh. So I think I would have been a nurse Bill impact on people's lives, but just in a different way. I love nothing at all that nothing was my first passion. And I wanted to be in this mess. That was a little girl, but I couldn't afford it at all. I could not afford it. So maybe I was still in New York. I might have found a way to eventually work my way up to the end. And there's like, I don't know,

Abby:   28:04
afforded. Let's feed yourself.

Janiel:   28:06
Yeah, but education. But I wasn't looking for enough money one and so I couldn't afford to screw the whole knows where I would have been because where was that money's gonna come from? You go to school to become a village,

Abby:   28:16
and the military made this all possible. That's really great. Now what is your mom and say now? Is she glad that she gave me the blessing? What's her take on it?

Janiel:   28:25
My mom was pretty proud of me. She really is.

Abby:   28:28

Janiel:   28:28
mom had me at 18 and she raised me on her own. So for her to look at her baby go. You know, she got pregnant in high school with me and struggled really hard to take care of me for for her to look at me now. She looked at me. The pride and she really loved the daughters usually is that they threw her foul to her, being talked and listening to everything and not compromise. And still, she always used to tell me when I was little. Everyone doesn't have to say I'm hardly being has to learn howto matter. Everybody treats you

Abby:   28:59
the way

Janiel:   28:59
you treat them. And so she tells me the same thing today, But it's just who I am. And I love to see the good in people. And I love to help if Yeah, who I am

Abby:   29:09
so great. Yeah, well, whatever influence he had on your looks like it was pretty amazing. So she should be really proud of the daughter that she's got. That's

Janiel:   29:17
why I do everything for her. Because I want her to be happy. I want her to I know it's her responsibility of have a fit and respected, but I just wanted her to know she didn't do it in vain. Everything that I do it well my mom I really do love my parents. My everything.

Abby:   29:33
Well, don't make me cry. We're talking about finding well, finances make me cry But now I know you love my mall. That's so my home. She listens to this because that's really great. So hand girl, this is so awesome. Thank you for being okay, you know, choking up way we love our mom is all, but yeah, you're you sound like you got a really special when I'm glad that she I'm glad that she let go and she let you go to the military and let you spread your wings because is really cool. Really, really great. So you were doing Bink Ning's You're doing that you're gonna and I want to hear back from you when you finish your master's program and how you push forward. And if you need help reaching out to more people that need you because I see you growing in big places because like you said, people mean people need a coach. Money can be difficult. And if you feel shame surrounding it and man doesn't you've already need it feel way better and doable. So

Janiel:   30:31
yeah, but foma, shame and guilt about money and I just really want to change that. We don't know what we don't know. And because of that we make the decisions that we make. We see our parents doing something, you know, understand why they do it with money. And we grew up with those same money. Mind that and But we can change that money. Mind that it's something healthy is there is no need to be ashamed because no one talked. Your parents, it is morally apparently teach knew they could have taught you that. I learned that just because I chose to learn it, you know? And I realized the importance of it because of the fact that I was struggling. But if I was struggling, they they would have done the same thing that everybody oceans doing, you know? So I just really want to change that whole thought process in the fields and the shame that comes along with my gosh, I can't afford this. I can't afford that. My credit score was low. I don't have anything to say for a time, and I really want to shoot. It is not impossible. It's not that simple. Wanted to do with the changes here, and there were improving here on there. And and, you know, you could be on your way to really bright, financially successful future.

Abby:   31:38
Well, that's great. So everybody please go check out if i her way dot com go check out her 10 minute budget book. I'm gonna put all that stuff in the show notes. So it's really easy for you to get to and get a hold. The knowledge that this girl has, and then grab a hold of her now because I think the more you move along the less accessible you're going to be because you're gonna be by having a whole huge team. And so grab her now, and I can say I knew her win. You great?

Janiel:   32:06
Yeah, one on one so that my time will be limited.

Abby:   32:10
Yeah. You guys better grabber before because I see it going big. And then you can always say, Well, I knew her win, and she helped me. When? I'm sure you already have a bunch of those just for being in the service. So that's really cool. Absolutely. Well, that's all I have for you today. Thank you so much for being here with us on her brotherhood. And I look forward to learning more from you in the future. Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Janiel:   32:33
Um, just that whatever your dreams are you can and will accomplish is

Abby:   32:38
you just have to

Janiel:   32:39
believe that I am here healthy in any way that I can.

Abby:   32:43
Great. Thank you, Girl. We will talk to you soon. Thank you. All right. What? You were up by. Bye. Today's episode of her brotherhood was brought to us by you because her brotherhood is actually supported by its followers. So If you guys would like to contribute and help keep her brotherhood alive and share these stories and experiences with anyone we possibly can check out the show Notes. We've got merch for sale. Now we have shirts. We have all kinds of things that you can do to show your support. We have a place for you to donate. Become a patri on. Check it out, You guys. Thanks for being here. Really? Appreciate you. Now go out. Do good lead with fire.